The Constantine Designs studio is nestled near St. Margaret's Bay, on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Creator Lynda Constantine travelled the world for nearly a decade before returning home to pursue her passion for jewellery design. The elegant pieces in her collections reflect her wonder for life and the beauty in simplicity. In Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, the Constantine pieces are strikingly imaginative and yet classic in their smooth lines and exceptional quality.




Reminiscent of branches swaying over gently rippling water.

Branch represents the continual movement and growth inherent in each of us at any stage of life.



This design dually represents 'cup half full' and a 'cup that runneth over'.

It reminds us to choose optimism over pessimism and to be grateful for all that we have in our lives.


The 14KY bead in this design represents our "what if" or "what now" moments. They can be exciting or daunting. They sit on the edge between certainty and uncertainty. This design is a reminder to embrace these defining moments of our past, present, and future.


This 'tied rope' design represents our treasured ties to friends, to family, and to the people we hold dear.

The Connection collection reminds us that we are not without kinship and love.


Break open the bubbly!

Celebrate all that you are today and everyday.


The small leaf represents the beauty of new growth in our lives. Sometimes this growth presents itself in unexpected ways.

We all have a need to grow & progress in order to flourish.


This design depicts the setting moon and the rising sun.

No matter what our circumstances are today, we have the hope & promise that comes with the dawning of a new day.