We have a long history of designing custom jewellery for our clients and do our utmost to create your perfect piece through our exceptional customer service and vast network of suppliers. This allows us the flexibility of building something for you that is both unique and fits your budget. The custom design process is a collaborative one in which communication and rapport between jeweller and client are very important.
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First, assemble ideas about the piece you would like to create. This can be as simple as details you do and do not like in a piece of jewellery. If you have any jewellery you would like to modify, or stones you may wish to incorporate in the piece, gather them. If you would like to make sketches or find reference images, gather them as well.

If you do not have a clear idea of what you want, not to worry. Just come in. We pride ourselves in taking the time to help you find the design that is right for you.



The next step is to schedule an appointment with our jeweller, Peter Herbin. Prior to your appointment, you may wish to share your ideas with us (including images, sketches, desires or priorities) by email or by dropping in to speak with one of our sales associates; this allows us to do some preparation prior to our meeting.



During your appointment with Peter, you will be experimenting with different ideas and finding the right balance for your custom piece. Your discussions will create a mutual understanding of what you are looking for and what the finished product will look like. This is where communication, time and understanding are very important. Our process ensures that both parties envision the same finished design. It allows us to fashion a piece that is just right for you.

Lastly, Herbin Jewellers will work within your budget and create a piece of jewellery that is uniquely yours!


The design process is fun and creative, and we take great pride and pleasure in creating dream pieces for our clients.